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How do I make a deposit to my trading account?

Deposits to your trading account are facilitated through the Client Portal, this is available through any browser and allows for basic administration of your account. For guidance on specific deposit methods, please see below:

Visa / Mastercard (Instant)

  1. Log in to the Client Portal
  2. Select Deposit > Visa /Mastercard 
  3. Select your trading account 
  4. Enter deposit amount 
  5. Enter card details 
  6. Click FUND NOW 

You may not be able to save a new card anymore. Card storage is disabled due to security reasons. So if you need to fund using a credit card, you will need to manually enter the card information every time.

Skrill (Instant)

  1. Ensure you have funded your Skrill Wallet 
  2. Log into the Client Portal 
  3. Select Deposit > Skrill 
  4. Select trading account 
  5. Enter deposit amount 
  6. Click FUND NOW. You will be redirected to Skrill where you will be asked to login and confirm the deposit. 

Bank Wire (1-7 business days)

Clients can deposit from their bank account using their bankโ€™s app, online banking portal, or via a branch. For our account details, please see this option in the Client Portal:

Client Portal > Deposit > Bank Wire / Transfer

Poli Pay (Instant)

  1. Log into the Client Portal 
  2. Select Deposit > Poli Pay 
  3. Select trading account 
  4. Enter deposit amount 
  5. Click FUND NOW. You will be redirected to Poli Pay where you can select your bank details and confirm payment. 
Note: This method is only available for Australian bank accounts with select institutions.