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What are the acceptable documents for a live application?

There are two (2) primary requirements for all live account applications:

  1. Government-issued ID Card or Passport
  2. Proof of Address (billing statements and other government-issued documents)

Before uploading your ID/Passport and Proof of Address documents, please have a read and make sure that they are valid as per our compliance requirements to avoid delays in processing.

1. Government ID and Passport Guidelines

*Valid ID means it has NOT expired

When taking a photo of your passport or ID, please capture them in the exact manner as the samples below:

Sample Passport and Front & Back of ID

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2. Proof of Address Guidelines

Firstly, the document must show at least one or a combination of the following:

  • the issuing company's name
  • official logo
  • stamp or notarisation (as applicable)

And the rest of these guidelines should be met:


We accept Proof of Address in two formats:

  1. Soft copy - a *PDF copy of the document
  2. Hard copy - a photo capture of the hard copy of the document. Same as the ID photo formatβ€” texts should be clearly readable, all edges must be visible, and it must not have any glares/obstruction.
If the document is not in English, we would need it translated by an official/licensed language translator.
*If the PDF is password-protected, kindly remove the password first or shoot us an email at applications@blueberrymarkets.com to provide the password so we can open the file.

 Sample PDF Document


Sample Hard Copy Document

When taking a photo of your hard copy POA, please capture it in the exact manner as below:


*Note: The above is a real billing statement; some texts have been blurred for privacy reasons. Please do not blur the company name/logo, your name, address, and the issue date β€” these are exactly the information that we need to see.

Additional Note:

If you come from a country which primary currency is also a base currency that we offer, it is best to select the matching currency for your country. This is mainly because of the difference in conversion rates for deposits and withdrawals that is bound to happen when transacting with a foreign currency.