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Deposit Methods & Fees

Please be advised:

With the exception of Tether, all deposits must be made from an account that bears the same name as that of the trading account.


VISA & MasterCard

  • Deposits and withdrawals are free of charge to clients and are in fact absorbed by Blueberry. However, your banking facility and intermediaries may charge their own fees independently.
  • If your deposit fails, please check with your bank as they may be blocking the transfer.
  • Please also note that we can only cover fees known to us. If a separate fee from your bank or payment provider incurs, any such fee will be your responsibility. For example, a credit card provider may view a payment made to us as a cash advance and bill you according to your credit card’s cash advance rules. 
  • We highly recommend keeping the number of cards used to deposit at a minimum as this can complicate withdrawals.
To deposit with a VISA or MasterCard credit/debit card, refer to the instructions here.


  • You have two options with PayPal 
    • Log in to your PayPal account to use your PayPal balance or a stored credit/debit card 
    • Check out as a Guest (without logging in). You would need to manually enter a credit/debit card in this case.
  • If logged in to your PayPal account, you can deposit up to 10,000.00 USD at a time. If on Guest Checkout, the maximum deposit amount is 4,000.00 USD.
  • Some countries are restricted by PayPal. Please refer to this article for more information.
To deposit with PayPal, refer to the instructions here.


  • We charge no fees for Skrill, however, Skrill themselves may charge 1-3% on withdrawals.
  • Due to regulation, we only accept Skrill payments that are consistent with the client's native currency.
    • Clients from Europe can only transact with EUR.
    • Clients from any other country can only transact with USD.
  • Some countries are restricted by Skrill. Please refer to this list or contact Skrill for more information.
To deposit with Skrill, refer to the instructions here.

Bank Transfers

  • Usually attracts a fee of approximately USD $25+ — which is imposed by and dependent on banking intermediaries.
  • We may reimburse clients for incoming payments, however, outgoing payment fees are the responsibility of the client.
  • If you wish to have your deposit fees reimbursed, please email accounts@blueberrymarkets.com a copy of your bank statement showing your name, account details, and deposit(s) made to your Blueberry Markets trading account (this will show as Eightcap).
To deposit with Bank Transfer, refer to the instructions here.


  • Neteller works the same way as Skrill, as they are of the same company.

Tether (USDT)

  • USDT is available to all countries except Australia.
  • USDT deposits are currently available only to USD trading accounts.
  • The maximum deposit amount is 10,000 USD. You may make another transaction if you wish to deposit higher than this.
  • Deposit only USDT through Ethereum (ERC20). Any other currency/blockchain will result in loss of funds.
  • USDT will be converted to USD at the live rate at the time of the transaction. The live conversion rate is shown below your private depositing address.
  • There may be fees associated with your transactions. This varies so please check with your wallet provider beforehand.
To deposit with Tether (USDT), refer to the instructions here.

Poli Pay & BPay

  • Available in Australia. Transactions are in AUD.


  • Available in Indonesia, only for USD trading accounts. 
  • Transactions are initially in IDR, then converted to USD. The conversion rate will be based on the current day's open exchange.


  • Available in the Philippines. Transactions are in PHP.
  • Funds will be converted to the trading account's base currency; the conversion rate will be based on the current day's open exchange.
To deposit with Dragonpay, refer to the instructions here.