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How to deposit using Tether (USDT)?

Tether (USDT) is a cryptocurrency pegged to the value of the US Dollar (a.k.a. "stablecoin"). It is known to be backed by bank reserves and loans which match or exceed the value of USDT in circulation.


There are three (3) blockchains where you can acquire USDT, namely TRC20 (Tron network), Omni (Bitcoin network), and ERC20 (Ethereum network).

Currently, Blueberry Markets accepts USDT deposits from the ERC20 blockchain (Ethereum network) for USD trading accounts.

USDT ERC20 addresses start with ‘0’, followed by  ‘x’

Example: 0xecAF505bb357A7EBe4EF1B92bf83650535686d5e

How to deposit from your Client Portal

1) On your Deposit/Withdrawal page, select the USD trading account you wish to deposit to.

2) Click Deposit > Tether 


3) You may deposit by either copying your private depositing address and pasting it inside your wallet or scanning the QR code directly using your crypto wallet on your mobile. 


You can use any cryptocurrency wallet that can send and receive ERC20-based USDT. Here's another step-by-step article for depositing through Binance.

Important Notes:

◈ The minimum deposit should be equivalent to 100 USD. Smaller deposits will not be processed.

◈ The maximum deposit amount is 10,000 USD. You may make another transaction if you wish to deposit higher than this.

◈ Deposit only USDT through Ethereum (ERC20). Any other currency/blockchain will result in loss of funds.

◈ USDT will be converted at the live rate at the time of the transaction. The live conversion rate is shown below your private depositing address.

◈ There may be fees associated with your transactions. This varies so please check with your wallet provider beforehand.

Deposits to other trading account currencies (non-USD) and from the TRC20 blockchain will be available soon!