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How do I internally transfer between trading accounts?

1) Log in to your Client Portal.

2) On the Dashboard or Trading Accounts page, select this button with arrows on the account you would like to transfer from


3) Select the account you'd like to transfer to from the drop-down on the right


4) Enter the amount and click Transfer


Important things to note:

  • If the account has open trades during internal transfer, the free margin must equal at least 100%.
  • Internal transfers cannot be made between accounts that have different currency denominations. If you wish to transfer funds between accounts with different currencies, reach out to Support via live chat or email:
    • Australia - support.escalations@blueberrymarkets.com 
    • Rest of the world - global.escalations@blueberrymarkets.com 
  • When withdrawing your transferred funds, it will be sent back to you in its original currency.
Keep in mind that the transaction amount will be based on the published conversation rates on that specific day.