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How do I log in to the platforms? [PC/Mac]

To login to your trading account on PC or Mac, open MT4 or MT5. 

1) Select File from the top-left corner > Log in to trade account


2) Enter the following: 

  • Login - your trading account number.
  • Password - your trading account password, sent to you by email. Note that this is different from your Client Portal password.
  • Server - select the one that relates to your account type.

MT4 and MT5 Servers:

  • Live - BlueberryMarkets-Live
  • Demo - BlueberryMarkets-Demo

IF the above servers don't work, try these:
  • MT4 (Live) = live.mt4.ts.blueberrymarkets.com:443
  • MT4 (Demo) = demo.mt4.ts.blueberrymarkets.com:443 
  • MT5 (Live) = live.mt5.ts.blueberrymarkets.com:443

Simply copy and paste into the Server field.

Important Note: 

For Windows, please make sure that you are using the latest Blueberry-branded MT4/MT5, NOT a platform from a different broker or the generic one from MetaQuotes.