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Why is my card not accepted?

Credit cards being declined is a common issue that may be caused by various reasons. Also, there can be times when your card works with a merchant but does not with another. 

Below is a list of what we recommend that you do:

1) Check your credit card details

This is simple but very important. Make sure that your card number, CVV code, and expiry date are all entered correctly. An incorrect digit or even an extra space can cause the transaction to fail.

2) Check your credit limit

Make sure that you have not reached or maxed out your credit limit.

3) Check if your credit card payments are up-to-date

Card providers can put temporarily holds on cards with overdue balances.

4) Check your card's expiry and active status

If your card has expired, it will certainly not work. It will be the same if your card has been deactivated for any reason.

5) Contact your card provider

If you can't figure out why your card is not working, it's time to call your card provider. There are several things you can ask them about:

  • Transaction amount limits — ask if there are any limits with your daily transaction amount. If you're depositing a higher than usual amount, your card provider can block the transaction for your security.
  • Merchant holds — if you have say, for example, rented a vehicle or checked in to a hotel, the merchant may put a hold on your card until you return the vehicle or check out of the hotel. Multiple merchant holds may also put temporary holds on your card for any other transactions.
  • International transaction restrictions — if your card is issued outside of Australia, then you're making an international transaction with us. This needs to be enabled by your card provider.
  • Merchant name "Eightcap Pty" and Merchant code "6211" — This is our payment merchant name and code. Your card provider should allow for transactions to go through with us. They may block transactions if they do not recognise us or if they classify us as a risky or gambling-related merchant due to the nature of the business being a forex broker. 

If all else fails, we suggest using another card instead. You may also try the rest of the funding methods available to you